I couldn’t possibly make this whole blog without including the famous North African dish Couscous in it.

Being North African it’s impossible to a go whole month without it. And I am sure any North African people out there will agree with me.

I remember eating this dish since I was a kid, in my family it’s a tradition until this day that every Sunday the whole family gets together to eat it.

It doesn’t matter if you are living in the North , East , South or West , you have to make the effort to come over , it’s a bit like Christmas dinner , but imagine that happening every single weekend.

I personally love this dish as it’s so delicious, now I know I said I will always make my recipes not time-consuming, but you might find that this one is the exception time wise.

But trust me after you sit down to eat it , you might just make it your Sunday tradition too.

Take a look at the video , make it , eat it and Enjoy 🙂 .