Spinach pastry Snails

Salut !

This week on Monday after I finished my classes and was on my way back home, I was day dreaming about what I would have for dinner that evening.

And what a dilemma it is to choose what to cook , because lets face it if you try to cook something fancy it’s time-consuming and not exactly healthy for your bank account.

So I took a different approach and chose to make something wholesome, quick to make, on a budget and delicious at the same time. And so it was a cold day I thought well why not make something pastry based.

So I made something called Spinach pastry Snails, which can be enjoyed by everyone in the family. Watch , make and enjoy 🙂



I couldn’t possibly make this whole blog without including the famous North African dish Couscous in it.

Being North African it’s impossible to a go whole month without it. And I am sure any North African people out there will agree with me.

I remember eating this dish since I was a kid, in my family it’s a tradition until this day that every Sunday the whole family gets together to eat it.

It doesn’t matter if you are living in the North , East , South or West , you have to make the effort to come over , it’s a bit like Christmas dinner , but imagine that happening every single weekend.

I personally love this dish as it’s so delicious, now I know I said I will always make my recipes not time-consuming, but you might find that this one is the exception time wise.

But trust me after you sit down to eat it , you might just make it your Sunday tradition too.

Take a look at the video , make it , eat it and Enjoy 🙂 .

Spanish food vs British food – Interview

Hola ! , this week I had the opportunity to interview someone who is familiar with both the Spanish and British food culture.

Her name is Heather Perez ,59 , a teacher ,who is originally British but lives in Madrid.

She has been living in Spain for an amazing 37 years , so if there is anyone that would know a bit about Spanish food , it would definitely be her.

She was attracted to the beautiful country after visiting a friend , and after enjoying her time there she decided to move permanently.

Off course she said the weather ,lively people and culture made her fall  in love even more with it.

Some of her favourite Spanish dishes include , Paella and Tortilla , and her British favourites are Broth , fish without the chips and Mushy peas.

Take a look at the interview and enjoy 🙂