Spinach pastry Snails

Salut !

This week on Monday after I finished my classes and was on my way back home, I was day dreaming about what I would have for dinner that evening.

And what a dilemma it is to choose what to cook , because lets face it if you try to cook something fancy it’s time-consuming and not exactly healthy for your bank account.

So I took a different approach and chose to make something wholesome, quick to make, on a budget and delicious at the same time. And so it was a cold day I thought well why not make something pastry based.

So I made something called Spinach pastry Snails, which can be enjoyed by everyone in the family. Watch , make and enjoy 🙂


Paris new year’s eve Vlog

Salut guys , hope 2014 has started well for you , and life is treating you well.
So I just thought I would share with you a little clip from my new year’s eve in Paris.

Overall it was a great christmas break for me, I did a lot of french patisserie eating during my week in Paris.

On new year’s eve , me and the rest of the family went to the Eiffel Tower to watch a firework display, but unfortunately there wasn’t any for this year :(.

The good news is that it was still a magical experience , because lets face it the beauty of the Eiffel tower is mesmerizing with or without the fireworks.  Enjoy 😉