Italian Food

Penne Rigate and meatballs

Pasta is a dish I could never get bored with , mainly because it comes is so many different styles and shapes and tastes that I still have so much to discover.

When I was younger my favourite was the spaghetti , I would ask my mum to make it every single week for me because I liked it that much.

But as I got older I started liking the Penne Rigate more , mainly because I found it easier to cook than spaghetti. My spaghetti would either come out to under cooked or over cooked.

But with the Penne Rigate I have finally found the balance , so I made a short video showing you how I make it.

Enjoy 🙂



This week while I was sitting and watching a programme on the television on cooking , I saw a recipe for an Italian pizza called Calzone , which I think looks a bit like the British version of a Cheese pasty from the appearance of it.

The one I saw had peppers , capers and olives. It looked nice and easy to make and I tought to myself I will have a go at my own version of this , I used slightly different ingredients though.

I thought it will be good to post it on the blog , as it was easy to make and didn’t take long either.

Which is a bonus when you are a student and have revision and other tasks waiting for you like I do.


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