Orange zest Brioche

This is one of those recipes that are super useful if you have a lot of friends and family visiting or university house mates that are feeling hungry.

My version is the large brioche which is enough to feed a family instead of the mini you usually see in the super market, because after all sharing is caring.

And you don’t want to waste your time making small individual ones when you can make a large one , that will taste just as good.

But if you are feeling like you have a lot of time on your hands , then go ahead and make the small version of this.

Now I used Orange zest to make mine, but if it’s not your thing you can replace it with whatever you want.


crêpe au banane

This is one of my all time favourite desserts , if I felt happy , sad , excited or whatever the mood I would make them. I simply can’t go a month without them , just like water is a commodity , les crêpe are mine :).

To start of :

1- Mix the milk, eggs, the vegetable oil plus the plain flour and the salt.

2- Once the mixture is nice and smooth give it about 10 minutes before using it.

3- Meanwhile pre-heat the Nutella , by putting it in  a sauce pan with hot water on low heat for 15 minutes, to make sure it’s nice and flowing.

4- Chop the bananas you are going to use before hand.

5- Then prepare your frying pan , personally I like to wipe the pan with butter before I start using it, as it helps the crepes not to stick to it.

6- Then put the pan on medium to high heat for two minutes.

7- Next pour the mixture into the frying pan , making sure to move it around the pan to cover the whole surface.

8- Give it time to cook , lets say about 2 minutes , then flip it over and do the same to the other side.

9- Then add the toppings and serve.

Then voila , bon Appétit 🙂


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